Ms Monster's Hel on Ice The Schlockumentary

Join the absinthe-fueled journey into the making of B-Minus presents Ms Monster's Hel On Ice.
The blue skinned mistress of midnite and her two monster melon cohosts bring horror, animation, b-movies and puppet mayhem to your screen. Sit back, relax and get your gore on!
Condensed for the web from the 2005 episode.
Ms Monster 2009

Special thanks to Isotope Comics, Uncle Mario, Bluebeard and all the rest of you amazing people that have joined us along the way. It's been an experience.

B-Minus is Marc Nordstrom, Aaron Farmer, AK Smith.

B-Minus presents 2009


Burnin, originally uploaded by MsMonster.

Fire in hood

B-Maze & MsMonster

13hosts, originally uploaded by bmaze22.

Thanks to Brian Maze who is including Ms Monster in his 13 horror hosts book.
Stay tuned for final product.