Tit gets an iBone

Tit gets an iBone, originally uploaded by MsMonster.

Outtakes from recent filming the iBone has enraptured Tit.
Monster Melons + Technology = disaster

Ms Monster & her Melons rule the world

It's nice to be on top sometimes

another beauty by

Vampira Tribute Promo

Ms Monster's Vampira Tribute See you all in Indianapolis in March at HorrorHound weekend March 26th-28th
Vampira Tribute

Vampira Tribute

Marc Nordstrom of B-Minus Comiks, Ms Monster's HEL on ICE & Those Magnificent Bastards puts on his best Criswell in honor of the upcoming Vampira Tribute March 26-28th in Indiana.

Vampira Tribute!

Vampira Tribute AH!, originally uploaded by MsMonster.

See you all in March in Indiana!

On Set

the boys, originally uploaded by MsMonster.

On the set of Hel on Ice - how it's really done kids ;)

Photo Credit: Petrina Cooper